HR Outsourcing

Eagles Communication Consultancy [ECC] is well known for the team of highly experienced and talented IT personnel and the HR outsourcing service for corporates, government entities and business enterprises; with highest professionality, less contracting complexity and fast resource personnel deployments.
ECC HR Outsourcing services include permanent recruitments, on-demand staffing and contract staffing. ECC HR outsourcing services are without geographical and demographical boundaries; delivering resources and personnel where the requirement and expertise are required. ECC HR Outsourcing services deliver personnel and expertise over telecommunication & networking, Business Intelligence, DevOps, Enterprise Security, Enterprise Architecture, Business Management & Marketing, Banking & Finance, etc.
In simplifying the complexity in acquiring the IT expertise personnel and all related legal processing and procedures, ECC provides Employee Deployment service, covering and taking complete responsibility of the employee life-cycle. ECC has been providing Employee Deployment services for multiple MNC and government entities around the globe. Through ECC Employee Deployment service, all the legal processing, employee requirements are managed and provided by ECC, including travel and visa for the employee to other countries, corporate HR outsourcing management, payroll and accommodation management, etc.
All the personnel and IT resources are certified and highly experienced in their experience portfolio, guaranteeing the professionality and integrity of the business and corporate.