Infrastructure & Data

Infrastructure Planning

IT infrastructure has evolved into an integral part in the growth of any organization, and also, IT infrastructure needs capital investment and periodic maintenances as well as upgrades to be on par with the current market requirements. ECC infrastructure planning enables organizations and companies in defining and refining all IT entities including IT equipment, human resources and applications in achieving highest service proficiency with low operational costs.
ECC infrastructure planning guides the organization to understand its long-term needs and define priorities in reaching their optimized business process. ECC infrastructure planning also brings flexibility into the organization, and enables in adopting new technologies and also establishes business continuity practices in-case of any disaster or process disruption occurs.

ECC IT Infrastructure planning services also include

  • continuous auditing and monitoring of infrastructure, process/project life-cycles, business practices, etc.
  • standardization & QA on all infrastructure equipment and operations
  • training and knowledge transfer sessions to train IT personnel and all related resources.

ECC’s proactive monitoring and management of IT infrastructure enables organizations and corporates in quick adoption of technologies with their rapidly growing business needs, increase flexibility and IT control, monitoring and management of servers, desktop systems, storage, networks, security, databases and application. ECC advances the efficiency of IT infrastructure within an organization by developing and maintaining an integrated and automated IT management environment; allowing the enterprises to utilize IT resources quicker to meet unpredictable business demand. ECC IT infrastructure services focus on reducing the costs and free up the workload over internal staff; simultaneously reducing system failures and rapid access to new technologies.


ECC consultation and services are based on providing the best services available on the market with the least expenses and operation cost. Virtualization is the process of creating the virtual representation of applications, storage, servers and network; enabling a simplest and cost-effective way in increasing the resources with today’s rising storage and processing demands.
ECC simplifies the provisioning of IT resources and online applications with less capital investment and operational costs through increasing the utilization of resources through virtualization. ECC virtualization services offer many benefits, including low or no-cost deployment, full resource utilization, operational cost savings and power savings. With Skilled ECC experts deploying virtualization technology with customized features and requirements are possible.

ECC Server Virtualization [ ECC Data center virtualization]

ECC designs, develop and deploy server as well as data center virtualization, which is a good solution for small to medium-scale applications and platforms. ECC server / data center virtualization enables the organizations with server consolidation, which reduces the operation costs, liberate IT services from the complexity and rigidity of specialized hardware through software-defined data centers. ECC server / data center virtualization delivers the most affordable disaster protection for the data and application.

ECC Network virtualization

ECC Network Virtualization provides management and monitoring of an entire organization network with a single administrative entity from a single software-based administrator’s console. ECC network virtualization is designed to allow network optimization on data transfer rates, flexibility, scalability and security; and also automating many network administrative tasks, reducing the network management complexity.

ECC Application Virtualization

ECC Application Virtualization enables the organizations to deploy applications on a standard, more efficient, and cost-effective OS configuration across multiple machines in a given organization, independent of the applications being used. With increased ability to handle high and diverse/variable work volume and rapid application deployment by facilitating security through isolating applications from the local OS, ECC Application Virtualization enables easier tracking of license usage, which saves on license costs.