Project Management

Project Management

Eagles Communication Consultancy [ECC] is an industry-credited Project Management and IT consultation company in the United Arab Emirates, with a portfolio of years of successful project execution and delivering (closure). The Project Management services offered by ECC is a combination of implementing industry proven tools and methodologies with PMP certified project managers and technical team. ECC Project management portfolio is diverse with project management of government entities, Multi-National Companies [MNC], private companies and individual clients.
ECC is well versed with project management methodologies such as agile, hybrid, scrum, etc. which are recommended and required by the client or project. ECC encourages in following and implementing DevOps practices on software development environment and businesses where development and operations co-exist.
ECC follows strict standardization & QA practices throughout all project management stages including practices of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing of the project. ECC project management practices focus on the scope, time, quality and budget in delivering project management deliverables addressing client and corporate objectives.
ECC is the regional and international partner of Project Management software and tools including JIRA, DevOps tools, security applications and human resource & expertise allocations.

Time Management

ECC time management services help in streamlining the business practices and project management processes to effectively execute tasks; creating an organized and systematic business environment. ECC time management services focus on achieving an increase in productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of the organization, business practices and projects.

ECC time management services include:

  • Enabling a business environment with time management through setting up priorities, goals and defining continuous/automation over processes.
  • Training team / corporate personnel on time management ethics and implementing time management on the corporate and personal level.
  • Provide analysis and time management tool / online integration solutions to integrate time management practices on online solutions.

ECC implements a time management method according to the project requirement, corporate practices and business requirements.